Making friends with my edge

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Psycho-somatic Edge-ucation

understanding & moving through psychological edges like fear, shame, pain, rage & apathy

mastering personal boundaries of time, attention & empathy, the space of the body

BUILDING AWARENESS OF invisible agreements & energy blocks & drains

facing ADDICTION & avoidance behaviours

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About Me

Philosopher, mystic, man. survivor, mover-shaker-feeler-sounder, tree climber, impoerfectionst

My philosophy is simple: slow down, breathe, feel, create.

Through the innate wisdom of our body|mind we steer our way through life. We meet challenges and obstacles and we grow or diminish our wisdom depending on how we make contact.

I couldn’t do this without God. There is no ‘this’ without God

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Working with the fear edge : Tree climbing!

Bodytalk conversations : exploring realness through embodied language & the language of the body


What People Say

Samuel offers a strong and supportive presence in his therapy. I received support for emotions that i found near intolerable to stay with. For the first time, I watched a phobia resolve and become simply no longer an issue. I appreciated Samuel’s encouragement to feel rather than think, and to trust the body wisdom rather than the wordiness of the mind. I recommend Samuel to anyone struggling with emotional processing. Though not for the faint of heart, Samuel is a powerful ally in resolving inner struggles.

Bridie, C