In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

In the end, the best words point beyond themselves, to the experiential realm, the place we call home and the hiding place of God.

Audio philes

Welcome to my creative exploration of life. On this page, You’ll find my auditory attempts to explore the relationship between three sets of triplets: breath, body & sound | self, God & other | truth, love & transformation. I’ve always loved language and been fascinated by communicated meaning. To me, crafting and expressing meaning is a joy and a mystery. Below are three sets of audio recordings in which I explore, in various ways, things of great meaning that both can and can’t be spoken. I decided to start sharing these personal accounts and explorations of Life because I have come to know that sharing my voice and speaking truth brings me closer to God and deeper into relationship with others. Plus I think what I say and the way I say it might be interesting, useful and entertaining to others. Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what stirs in you as you listen. I welcome hearing from you.

Flies on THE Wall
a rare and intimate front row seat in the life of others, while they do what they do and be what they are
Session 1. The Adversary
An investigation of Satan through my own body and psyche. Session starts @ 5:39
– Music, art and photography
Soaring Eagle
Jammin grooves 1.
The Living Temple – chronicles, raw sharings and reflections on life, God and this thing called being
Being Addict
In God I trust
All I want to do is know God
Deepening into Being : GC 1.


About Un|speakable

This page is where you will find my testaments to life. You will see me try, fail and succeed in capturing the thoughts, feelings and inspirations of a living moment through the craft of language. Words are liberations and limitations of the living moment and I will do my best to craft judiciously, truthfully and engagingly. Sssssquishy, throbbing and raw. I also seek here, the words that cannot be spoken. I figured out a long while ago that somethings cannot be spoken. I named this page Un|speakable to honour the paradox of words. The ineffable and the profane are both experiences of the one living moment. In therapy finding the right words, naming the true thing has amazing redemptive and transformational power. Words can also be cliches, said without bodily connection and loosened from the heart of true things. They can also just be fun to play with. Best not to get too caught up in their world, take breath and remember to feel and be. That’s the whole point after all, right?