In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

In the end, the best words point beyond themselves, to the experiential realm, the place we call home and the hiding place of God.

Audio philes

There is a deep Mystery to the Word; with it I raise my voice to the roof of Heaven; and Sing my Praise to God.


Bring me your doubts.
Do we trust God will provide? What is the nature of Jesus? Where is the feminine in creation? Nick and I meet again around a fire to discuss, pray, explore and enjoy bringing Christendom and Faith more into our lives. “
A Rainy day afternoon with God.
Nick and I meet up again to deepen our fellowship and get real before the eyes of our creator.
The Three of Us.
A sincere, funny and heartfelt conversation between two Men and a Holy Spirit
Therapy Session 1. The Adversary
An investigation of Satan through my own body and psyche.
My chronicles, raw sharings and reflections on life, God and this thing called being

Reading from The Gospel of John, Chapters 14 -17; and commentary
Being Addict
In God I trust
Deepening into Being
All I want to do is know God


I’ve always loved and been fascinated by language. To me, crafting and expressing meaning is a joy and a mystery. I’m amazed at where words can lead us and where they can’t. Things of great meaning both can and can’t be spoken. Sometimes deeply personal and unfiltered, sometimes light-hearted and irreverent, sometimes loud and violent. I aim to become fluent in all the tones of the Creational Word. I am inspired by the calling of my Soul to share my voice and speak truth to God. Despite the clarity I have around this, I will and already do, miss the mark again and again. I don’t lie intentionally but there are things I believe which are false. There are things I say that are fantasy and not real. I hold back out of fear of reprisal. I aim to speak truthfully but I am limited by my own blind spots, faulty thinking and emotional traumas. But that’s ok. This is a journey of growth and development. It is not a struggle for perfection.

If you feel inspired to add your voice into the mix, feel free to leave a comment below. I welcome hearing from you.

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