Support on the journey

Grace is real, Support exists,

and all I want to do is know God.

That is and has always been my life’s goal.

Having said that, I did take a detour of a few decades in the opposite direction just to make my life interesting.

By interesting I of course mean torturous. Pain and despair did a crescendo in my life in 2019 and I realised three things that changed my life forever:

  1. I can’t do this life without God
  2. I wouldn’t want to
  3. Somatic prayer is my doorway into His Presence

I discovered praying with the whole body is really effective. By that I mean the combination of intuition, body wisdom, emotion, voice, movement and breathing. These are the keys I’ve used to re-align, deepen and express with the truth of my being.

My journey away and back to the truth of my deepest knowing has been and still is my life’s work.

In a professional capacity as a qualified therapist and in an inspired capacity as follower of Christ, I am sharing my path of Somatic Prayer for people who want to deepen their relationship with themselves, others and God.

You don’t have to be Christian to pray to God and you don’t have to pray to God to do somatic prayer.

You simply ride the wave of the Sincere Present Moment and allow yourself to be poured out with the movement of your emotion, voice, breathing and movement.

I do offer support for people to move through the difficult but rewarding process of:

  • feeling feelings,
  • meeting the truth of experience,
  • speaking the deepest truths forward
  • resting in being,
  • supporting the natural emergence of clarity, integration and growth.
Map of Wholeness

Formally, I am trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and have a professional background in Education. Informally and more importantly, my relationship with God and nature, the wise, loving presence of other humans, combined with ceremonial practices and intuitive movement, have been for me, the most consistent and powerful supports for my growth. I know that who I am today is made of the love of Nature, the kindness of other humans, the power of repentance and the presence of Grace, not to mentionn my own willingness to yield to all that support and journey through the depths of emotion, trauma, somatic intensity that always and unerringly lead to something good on the other side.

In support of your growth and integration we might:

  • Work with the themes of death, fear, depression, love, connection, God, family, home, fulfillment, sovereignty, rest, purification, simplification, aloneness and separation
  • Explore the intangible realm of thought, feeling and intuition and their relationship to the manifest realm of embodiment, action and behaviour.
  • Bring attention and focus to what you want to create|destroy, move toward|away from, want more of|less of
  • Address issues in your life, relationships, work, psyche, body, heart, mind
  • Follow the innate intelligence that animates you.
  • Have conversations, speak truth, sing, move, somatically release, pray to God, pray to fire, talk to death, meditate, walk among trees, alter your state of consciousness and feel.
  • Practice, try, fail, succeed.
  • Have Faith.
  • Trust in life.

Individual session: $120

Payment support options available on request


Samuel offers a strong and supportive presence in his therapy. I received support for emotions that i found near intolerable to stay with. For the first time, I watched a phobia resolve and become simply no longer an issue. I appreciated Samuel’s encouragement to feel rather than think, and to trust the body wisdom rather than the wordiness of the mind. I recommend Samuel to anyone struggling with emotional proccessing. Though not for the faint of heart, Samuel is a powerful ally in resolving inner struggles.

Bridie carter

IMAGE: This is me doing my own therapy|education|spiritual growth. I am an unconventional man who loves climbing trees and defying categories. I’ve spent most of the last decade travelling, learning, getting the metaphorical & metaphysical crap kicked out of me and deepening in my own relationship with God, myself and others. I have and still do work to overcome anxiety, shame, physical pain, release my creative potential and fulfill my spiritual and earthly desires. I am a man of God, a being of authenticity and a work in progress.