I have gone through much change and growth over my lifetime and here’s where I share some of that chronicle with you.

It’s important to me that I be as transparent as I can be. I’m awesome and a bit of a fuck-up. Neither of those things is really true. I AM. That’s what’s true. But in between the polarities and within the scope of Being, there is a tale of a man coming to know himself and what he’s made of. This is that tale.

low lights

  • Finding myself homeless, jobless and alone. Realising just how much I wanted to be living with people I loved and who loved me and how far I felt from that dream.
  • A relationship with the woman I had hoped to marry ends, lots of failed relationships, codependency
  • Felating a dude and having a 5-some
  • Chronic back pain, cannabis addiction, alcohol addiction
  • My mum dies
  • That first time I lied to avoid negative consequences and got away with it
  • Anger, resentment, hurt and separation are my constant companions in relationships
  • Develop an eating disorder – throw up food, get obsessed with weight loss
  • Spending my 30s not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up
  • Cannot find rest or stillness outside of peak experience or drugs


  • Deciding to put my Masters degree on hold and spend a year deepening my walk with God
  • Getting to a place where I can sit still, peaceful and content.
  • Becoming sober, stable and 90 percent free of back pain
  • Meeting and making awesome friends
  • Free-climbing 30m Gum trees
  • Discovering my indomitable inner flame.
  • Discovering how I can make people laugh and noticing what brings me alive
  • Attaining enlightenment
  • Public Speaking. Mums funeral, creative living intuitive monologues, toastmasters award, science shows, friends wedding.
  • Getting my first dream job teaching Science education
  • Travelling to South America
  • Admitting truth out loud
  • Reconnecting my heart through Christ

My soul safari

In 2011 I met my first life-long friend. We went to Hawaii together at the end of the year and while there I realised with some horror that I had to leave my job teaching science. My soul had outgrown the confines of the scientific world view I had cultivated most my life. What followed was an 9 year Odd-yssey that saw me thrust out into the unknown and find out what life had to teach me that books never could. I travelled a fair bit in the first half of this soul safari before settling down in South East Queensland. The following gallery shows some pictures I made to highlight some of the noteable events and experiences over the first half of that period.