Home is where the heart is

Welcome to my home on the internet. My name is Samuel Martin and i’m here to explore and share my being with you and the world.

I’d love to have your company no matter your particular religious or non-religious persuasion.

We are in this together and there is one truth for all of us. The truth is what is real. What is real is what is true.

The pursuit of truth led me to God. It led me to Christ. It led me to this moment.

It leads me ever onward as I grow my way Godwards.


I am a Christian. I say that upfront so you know where I am coming from. That said, I wasn’t always. I used to identify myself as an atheist, I’ve explored secular self-development and so-called New Age spirituality. All along I’ve sought the truth of this world. I want to know what is true, what is real and what is Good. I want to grow and deepen in my capacity to see clearly, love deeply and speak truthfully. I am reconciling myself to the fact that Christian heritage has become denuded, corrupted and ridiculed in this modern era. I can understand how this may have happened and I can understand how people have come to turn away from the Church, from Christianity and from God. I know because I did so myself. I do hope that by sharing my journey towards and away from God that I might show a way for others to re-turn to a living, daily love of God and practice of spiritual growth grounded in love, truth and being.