Life occurs at the boundary between things

AKA Live life at the edge!

the Psycho-somatic edge

The edge is a living zone of information, sensation and possibility. To feel and meet and grow ourselves within & beyond our edge is to be intimately engaged with our own living. It is self-connection, embodiment and power, in action.


The mind. The soul. The domain of thought, emotion, reason, meaning, intuition, inspiration. The portal to God. The inner Man / woman. The ephemeral. The connected.


The Body. the perception of physicality. The perception of boundary and space. Moving and musculature awareness. Matter, life, form, function. Bones, blood, behaviour.


An edge is a boundary. It is a distinction between things. Boundaries allow for & restrict contact. A psychological edge might be fear or shame. A physical edge might be giving up an addiction like coffee or alcohol.

Some Psycho-somatic edges


  • FEAR
  • PAIN
  • RAGE

Some personal Boundaries

  • time
  • attention
  • empathy
  • physical body

Edges, boundaries & barriers create freedom and limitation. Edges are created through a tapestry of invisible agreements, energy blocks and avoidance. Our edges are a both mental & physical, having thought/belief/meaning component and an affective, muscular & endocrinal component.

Fulfilment is living in touch with our boundaries and using them to make meaningful & nourishing contact with the world. We can be too open and have too wide boundaries. We can be too closed and too rigid in our boundaries. We can know what we want but encounter barriers towards action. In some places we need stronger boundaries, in others we could be more flexible and porous.

Disorder arises when we DISAVOWAL our intuition, our somatic perception and go against or in opposition to our true desire or Will.

Some keys to meeting our edges and adjusting our boundaries to experience freedom

the master key of Feeling
the key of breath
the key of sound
The key of movement
the master key of focus

The meeting place of mind & body..

is a me I call myself, and a me i don’t

What I Am


What I Do


what I don’t


what I’m not


What can we do with an edge?

  1. grow it
  2. sharpen it
  3. dull it
  4. use it
  5. transform it

the invisible matters

We navigate and create our lives through our beliefs, our desires, our meaning and our action in service of our worship. Every moment is an expression of meaning. We make contact and agreements with the things in our world. We are both free & limited.

  • belief becomes behaviour
  • agreements lead to action
  • barriers create freedom & limitation
  • avoidance creates addiction
  • deception drains energy

invisble agreements

Our consent. Our yes. The shape of our relationships with our self, family, friends, others in general. work, creativity. The flow of electric energy between parties in the form of contact, connection, and action.

Some things to consider about agreements: the wrong agreements can lead to martydom, victimhood, resent and internal fracturing. The right agreements generate collaboration, understanding and expression of Will & desire.


Our avoidance is our NO. We save ourselves time and energy by steering away from choices, people, activities and behaviours that we perceive will not be nourishing for us.

The places in our body we don’t feel. The ways we flood our system with sensation to avoid discomfort. coffee, alcohol, smoking, drugs, work, chatter, entertainment. The sidestepping and steering away from certain topics and conversations. Vagueness.

energy blocks

Invisible walls of resistance within the mind & body. Barriers to action, expression and feeling. Also, foundational structures of the mind. The building blocks / framework of identity that defines, supports and confines growth & expression

Specific writings that explain key ideas

Coming soon