• Do you feel mentally or emotionally clogged up, unable to breathe deeply or feel peacefully and powerfully connected to Life, Love and God?
  • Need help sorting and letting go of the tangible and intangible objects that inhibit fulfillment and clog up your freedom?
  • Ready to create space for something new in yourself, your home and your life but don’t know where to start or just need a little help getting going?

I say Yes! to all of the above. It’s really important that I be honest. I’m on the journey just like anyone else.

I am learning how to de-clutter my own inner and outer life to create space for the new and the better and I’m going to share my interest and learning in this area in case it is interesting and useful to others too.


INNER CLUTTER: psychic and emotional attachments, insecurities, thought form viruses, beliefs, frustrations, resentments, sense of identity

OUTER CLUTTER : objects, relationships, work/home life, movement / behaviour patterns, addictions

Getting rid of the old and making space for the new can be hard. We have emotional attachments and internal barriers preventing us from finding our best way forward. De-cluttering also means addressing the current and historical attachments we have in our life to objects, emotions, behaviours and beliefs. These attachments are troublesome because they often exist outside of our awareness, have infiltrated deep into our psyche and keep us locked in place, no matter how much we might desire we want to be free of them.

Why is this so?

Because these objects have a lesson to teach us about ourselves which we sub-consciously really want ourselves to learn. And we won’t and shouldn’t let go until we are ready and willing to learn these lessons.

Life is many things. Chief among them is the opportunity to grow. In order to grow, like a plant we need to take up nutrients from the decayed matter in the soil, the fertile underworld of life, death and decay. From this comes regeneration and the miracle of new life.

Psychically, emotionally and practically, we grow by addressing the truth about our inner, hidden nature. If your living space is not what you would prefer and you are not taking action to address it, it could be because you are stuck in a avoidance | attraction loop which keeps you switching between focussing on what you want and what you don’t want without changing anything.

Moving through and beyond this kind of looping is the growth spiral. It occurs through truth, will, heart and faith and relies on a healthy dose of Grace, Love and Suffering.

Phase 1. Inventory

What is in your space?

What are you hoilding onto?

What are you reluctant to let go of

Phase 2. Investigating

What is your vision for change?

What are you afraid of?

How are you responsible for your situation?

Phase 3. Integrating

How do we help you to know, trust and respect the wisdom and foolishness of your choices

We do we help you experience the emotions and behaviours that have kept you from decisive action

How do we release the psychic pain and open to trust, love and support for your new life.

Action – reflection – attention – integration

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