but I don’t want to be God today 😢

Super Natural

Proto Natural

Ultra Natural

A new formulation of an ancient trinity.

Hello and welcome to God’s Being.

Jesus Christ knew God’s being.

He knew he was living in and as God’s being.

I know it too. I know I am living in and as God’s Being.

We all are.

God’s being is all of us.

Do you know it? Do you feel it? Do you admit it?

I am walking my own path of remembrance.

At Kyogle library, lying on a couch, I had a moment of remembering.

And this is me sharing it with you.

I believe that every moment I live, everyone I see, is God being God. I believe I am living in God, with God and as God. I believe this is moment is God happening. This computer. Your eyes. Your mind. God. God. Goddy, God, God.

To know one’s being is to know a piece of God.

To know one’s being is to know the peace of God.

I am His creation. I live in His creation. As I live, I breathe life into His creation.

For mine is the Kingdom of Heaven, the hidden depths of Hell and everything in between.

God is All and All is God and God is beyond all and God created All and God is created by All.

God is the Father. God is the Son. God is the Holy Spirit. God is the one and God is the many.

God is original nature – proto natural

God is beyond nature – super natural

God is nature to the furthest extent it is possible to be nature – ultra natural

And that last one is where you and I come in. We are part of that extent.

We are all different facets of one divine jewel.

Down here on Earth, we might be a little dusty. JC might have been a lot shiny. But together, we are all part of the ultra nature of God’s Being.

Christians know we are part of God’s being and seek relationship with God’s being through a specific man who was/is God (JC) and a specific book that is God’s word (The Holy Bible).

Atheists know they are part of God’s being but pretend they aren’t. They avoid relationship with God’s being and are allergic to the Bible.

Satanists know we are part of God’s being and hate it. They wish it wasn’t true and seek to separate themselves from it.

Pagans know they are part of God’s being and seek relationship with God through nature.

Laymen know they are part of God’s being and don’t seem to care.

And how about you?

I ask you – do you know you are part of God’s Being?

Are you not part of God’s being right now?



Atheist arrogance annoys me.

Christian righteousness hurts me.

Secular ignorance confounds me.

Satanic enmity seems stupid to me.

My own forgetting weakens me and my own remembering terrifies me.

I want to put a rocket up all our arses.

I want so we can all agree that this reality is indeed God’s Being happening – whether we like it or not.

I believe our being is God’s being happening. We’re in this together, in God, as God and with God.

And if this moment, if you and I living and experiencing this moment, really is God’s being happening,

how fucking cool is that!

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